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For 19 years, BxVideo has delivered to our customers the most robust, cutting-edge live and virtual event streaming solutions available anywhere. From end-to-end solutions and enterprise strategies alike, our customers benefit from our expertise and our experience. The BxVideo team has learned from all of the complexities of streaming audio, video, software, over internal networks and the Internet - live, on-demand or virtually – enabling us to deliver comprehensive streaming services to our customers. 

 BxVideo’s expert guidance cuts through the complexity, delivering success and reducing costs, embarrassment and wasted resources. 

Check  out our newly update to Ezlive Caption. A subscription-based closed or open captioning transcription and translation software application. Utilizing state of the art AI-based services.


BxVideo is at the forefront of Internet streaming and is committed to the success of your live or virtual event. The combined experience of our team brings to you unmatched streaming services committed to success.

Our Clients



BxVideo Streaming Services

Streaming Infrastructure Design
Enterprise Streaming Communications Design
Zoom Consulting
Virtual Event Production
Live Captioning Services (Transcription), Open or Closed
Live Translation Services
On-demand transcription and translation services
Media Library Management featuring Search/Playback 

Live Captioning Services

EZLive Caption is a subscription-based closed or open captioning transcription and translation software application. Utilizing state of the art AI-based services, it offers a growing suite of AI-based tools for live as well as on-demand captioning (transcription and translation) and post-production caption editing software.

BxVideo Webcasting Services

BxVideo Webcasting Services are designed for companies who are looking to use the power of Internet webcasting to deliver presentations and meetings locally, nationally or globally. Your audience, whether they are clients, employees, customers or just interested viewers, will enjoy the enhanced format of your webcast, which delivers high-quality video, audio and other multimedia - including presentation slides. Let your audience experience the same level of content that members of an audience would see if in the same room. These services are a cost effective means for quickly delivering multimedia webcasting services for your event or for your customer's events in a completely turn-key manner.

2022 Arthritis Expo that BxVideo recorded and streamed to Facebook Live:“It was awesome, thank you !! And, truly, I can’t thank you enough for all of your help yesterday . . . so professional, accommodating and helpful with everything! It’s pretty exciting for us, – and we have you to thank!!”





Sporting - Commencements - Worship Services


Trade Shows - Medical Conferences / Product Launches - Webinars - News Releases


Worldwide Employee Meetings - CEO Employee Addresses - Employee/Customer Training


CME Credit Courses - Seminars - Online training - Online Continuing Education Credit Courses


Municipal Meetings, School Board Meetings, Athletic Events and Cultural Events


Open or Closed - Automatically Generated for Internet Bond Content with EZLive Caption

BxVideo is committed to delivering the most robust live video streaming solutions available anywhere. Our stream support team provides expert guidance and detailed technical assistance during all phases of your streaming project.

About Us

Who are we?

The aggregate experience of our computer, electrical, acoustic, media and software engineers combined with our seasoned project managers forms the foundation of our streaming wisdom. Our streaming wisdom will help you put it all together - reliably and cost-effectively. BxVideo can provide as much or as little as you need to make your streaming projects a true success - for you and your audience. BxVideo is a streaming media services provider with a full-range of offerings and a proven track record with satisfied, growing customers from around the globe.

What do we do?

Our streaming expertise covers all of your needs – streaming enterprise architectures, webcast technical consulting, streaming network optimization, virtual and live event planning and execution, AI-based video processing including NDI-based live transcription and translation. The unique expertise of the BxVideo team brings it all together, appropriately engineered for your success.




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